Ronny Gottschlich

Roland Berger

Senior Advisor, Roland Berger & langjähriger Geschäftsführer Lidl UK

Originally from Halle Saale, George Friedrich Haendel's birthplace in East Germany, Ronny graduated with a Diploma in Marketing and Personnel in 2000. Early retail experience in a well known, mediocre performing socialist retail environment laid the solid foundation for him to join Lidl, only to see retail from a very different side.

Given his background, he had been designated for a planned Russian expansion yet somehow ended up in Britain in 2003. From then onwards he enjoyed one of the most competitive and fast developing retail markets, first as a Regional Director and as from Autumn 2010 as the CEO for all Lidl UK operations.

He enjoyed disrupting the market and worked together with a very dedicated team to change perceptions. He and his team turned Lidl from a Germanic discounter selling perceived “Polish donkey meat“ to a viable British household shopping destination causing a few headaches for some of the incumbents.

In 2017 he went on to found Heunadel Retail Advisory a platform for smart people helping retailers getting more efficient, smarter and more relevant to their customers.

After 14 years in Britain, Ronny feels more British than German in many aspects of his day to day retail work, but would like to stress that structure and organisation, operational excellence (as well as penalty shootouts, if Germany ever needs them again) remain part of his German DNA.